knowledge production

The normal outcome of our collaboration is original policy recommendations in a mutually identified area of local, national, regional, or global interest. This outcome is strengthened by our research strategy that organically links GTTN with policy research expertise present in different schools of NUST.

Research Analysis

GTTN objectively studies development trends in a range of areas and their impact on Pakistan’s domestic situation and the processes of regional and global integration. One important purpose of knowledge creation at GTTN is to maximize complementarities between Pakistan’s welfare and regional progress.

Research Team

Our research team consists of highly qualified research and policy analysts assisted by research associates, assistants, and interns. Our research and policy analysts act as key points for processing and integrating into research the input and feedback from our expert groups and the intermediate research deliverables produced by research associates and interns. For any topic under any research area, the research team responsible for it is multidisciplinary to ensure maximum depth and breadth of investigation.

Expert Group

Research in any research area is typically led by a group of experts. These serve as advisory and review units for different research areas. These consist of key experts drawn from academic, policy-making, and corporate domains of Pakistan who are able to bring their particular viewpoints for the enrichment of the subject under study.

Communication and Outreach

GTTN’s Communication is responsible for engaging specific domestic, regional, and global audience. Typically, we engage think tanks, policy centers, relevant public organizations, international organizations, private firms and corporate entities, civil society organizations, and general public. GTTN’s Communication, Advocacy and Outreach works together with research team to ensure the dissemination of research and engagement of diverse stakeholders take place as part of one comprehensive process. 

Research Collaborations

GTTN has covered some important ground in a short span of two years. Our collaborations are constantly growing to include knowledge partnerships with key universities, think tanks, and policy centers in Asia, Europe, and North America.